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The farm

Case Corini in Costigliole d’Asti is a polycultural artisan company that produces wines by working in respect of its territory.

Lorenzo Corino, and his two children Luisa and Guido have continued the family activities resulting from the work of their predecessors, sharing an agriculture methodology that starts from the respect for the territory and the enhancement of its products.

This working methodology, experimented by Lorenzo, merged into the creation of a real CORINO METHOD.


I was born two months after the 1947 vintage, memorable for the excellence in Barbera tastes. The fundamental decisions in my path have been taken thanks to excellent advisers that I have been able to listen, thus receiving incalculable profit. I have known and experienced the world of public research in national agriculture and abroad.

I tried to express the gratitude to my ancestors also through the commitment in the family business, a very important refreshment and source of many emotions. I have always been attentive to agricultural productions more in harmony with the rural world, with particular attention to management with organic methods. My thought is linked to the fundamental value of earthly capital and the surrounding environment, and its optimal use to increase the health value of its fruits. I represent the sixth generation of winemakers in Costigliole d’Asti.


Born at the dawn of May 2, 1980, I had the good fortune to grow up side by side the rurality of my ancestors who stimulated in me a spirit of observation and patient expectations.

I completed my studies in Restoration and Enhancement Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin and got a qualification as Green Building Technician at ANAB (Italian Association of Green Building Architects).

Incisive international experiences of study and work have allowed me to identify the goals to be achieved with greater awareness thus stimulating professionalism and curiosity in me.

Nona days I collaborate with a network of experts and companies specialized in converging issues in energy saving, environmental and territorial sustainability,; the interest and participation in the family business have grown spontaneously over the years.

From the strict and brilliant grandfather I learnt how to pay close attention to the cornerstones of the work; thanks to the generosity and loyalty of my grandmother, I discovered the great value of human relationships. The luck of being able to observe and participate in the work and research of a proactive and forward-looking father, encouraged me to continue the family business, to rediscover a philosophy of work focusing on ‘making agriculture’ really sustainable.

I am committed to a more logical relationship between architecture, agriculture and its spaces also through study, research, teaching and practical demonstration.

The goal is to work for a more correct and balanced use of natural resources, both in construction and in agricultural production, enhancing the quality values and the lasting beauty of the territory.


was born in 1977 and I spent the first years of my childhood at number 8 San Martino Street in Costigliole d’Asti, the current address of the company and the birthplace of my paternal grandparents. Once I started school, I used to spend most of my summer holidays under the close supervision of a curious and authoritarian grandfather, from whom I inherited a great passion for reading, and a careful and affectionate grandmother, who never gave up her job as host with all the efforts and commitment that this entailed.

My summers have always been entertained by rituals related to peasant habits that ended up with the collection of hazelnuts and the harvest. Attending the rows was therefore a habit. After classical studies, my university education led me to socio-cultural experimentation, but the interest in enhancing and protecting the family agricultural tradition, supported by a refined paternal training in the wine sector, led me to collaborate with the farm, which today I am proud of.

I am convinced that the knowledge of the traditions and history linked to the territory can only enhance our work. I hope that my three children can grow respecting and appreciating the beauty of our territory by continuing to enjoy its precious fruits.